maara Solutions - Service

Consultation, planning, development and trainings

Economic efficiency, operational safety and environmentally friendly products require the best possible service. We help you with the commissioning, maintenance and modernisation of your aggregates and systems – in your region, nationally and internationally.

 Consultation at the planning stage for new systems
 Modernisation of existing systems
 Incorporation of modern control systems
 Planning and organising repair in connection with disassembly & assembly of large systems
 Procurement of special spare parts
 Development of maintenance concepts
 Construction and development of mobile test fields for electricity generators  
 Execution and support in test runs of electricity generators
 Power resistors with flexible power and recording and document preparation
 Trainings in all the aspects of electricity generation with diesel engines

Aside from that, we also offer our customers tailor-made trainings in all aspects of power generation with diesel engines such as e.g. basic maintenance trainings, engines, generators and also special system control trainings.