maara Solutions - Lightning Towers

Sales and service partner for lightning towers and illumination

As the sales and service partner of TRIME, we offer you solutions for the illumination of construction sites, mines, airports or highway construction sites. We provide public performances and events with lighting according to statutory requirements. TRIME is a global market leader and an illumination specialist with top quality products.

Whether LED or HQI lamps, maara, as the sales and service partner of TRIME, offers you mobile lightning towers for every application.

 Road construction sites
 Over-ground civil engineering
 Underground civil engineering
 Events / Performances
 Parking lots

The latest LED and battery technologies supplement the engine-driven and plug-in mobile lightning towers models which are being continuously refined by the very best engineers. The X-Eco battery, with its emission-free battery storage, makes lighting possible for up to 72 hours and, in addition to that, it can easily be transported by a car.

The X-Hybrid models combine the advantages of an engine drive and battery storage. Through this, the LED lamps can be supplied for up to 16 hours through the battery storage. The engine/generator switches on automatically as soon as the battery capacity drops to a minimum. Through this, autonomous operating can be achieved for up to 1100 hours. So that the lamps only switch on when they are actually required, timers and brightness sensors are available as optional equipment. The transport of equipment should be eco-friendly and should also save fuel. It is for this reason that up to 54 units (X-Baby) can be transported on a single truck, depending on the model.

Models available e.g.: X-Eco, X-Box, X-Hybrid, X-Battery, X-Light, X-Mast, X-Chain, X-Gen, X-Baby, X-Start, X-Rent, X-Mine, X-Mini.

We, from maara, will advise and provide you - in a solution-oriented way - with the right TRIME illumination solution, immaterial of whether you are looking for light giraffes, mobile lighting systems, mobile light masts, hydraulic masts, manual masts or LEDs of 2 x 70 Watt, 4 x 300 Watt and up to 24 x 150 Watt, or metal-halide HQI lighting.